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An Introductory message for you ~ from Our Mythical Friends

We love you All, you are all very special and we ask you to open your hearts and minds to us, to the beauty of the wonderful planet you live on and to the amazing opportunities that your life has to offer you.

Your life does not need to be complicated, allow yourself to appreciate the simple things, the way you did as a child. Let yourself feel the wonder of rediscovering the feel of the kiss of the sun on your face, watching a thunderstorm, go out and smell the flowers. Your life, your world is full of everyday miracles; give yourself time to appreciate them.

As you open the curtains in the morning, greet the day with a smile ~ rain or shine ~ and see how much better you feel throughout the day.

A few of you can already see, feel, sense or hear us, others of you are becoming more aware of us as you open up to us and others will feel the need to initially communicate through the cards.

These messages are a guide and as you become more attuned to us you may become aware of more personal communications. The cards are a tool, a key helping you to unlock the portals between our worlds.

“We look forward to spending more time with you All.”

Love, Fun & Laughter


Here is what you can find out and see on this website.

Our Mythical Friends will give Sara a message each month for you!

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We The Elementals wish to introduce ourselves:

All the elements are essential for your survival; let yourself become one with us.

The Undines ~ The Guardians of the Water – When was the last time you felt the rain on your face or go for a paddle in the sea, a river or a lake? Water brings life; it is the life blood of your planet.

Sylphs ~ The Guardians of Air – When was the last time you went out into the fresh air and just breathed; long slow breaths filling your lungs and helping clear your thoughts? When did you last feel the wind in your hair or hear it blowing through the leaves in the trees? Did you really let yourself feel it or hear it?

Salamander ~ The Guadians of the fire – When was the last time you sat quietly watching the flames in a fire, noticing the changing colours and feeling the warmth? Although fire can destroy it also brings life and helps maintain the cycle of life.

Gnomes ~ The Guardians of The Earth – When was the last time you made a mud pie or walked barefoot in the grass? Plant a seed, nurture it and watch the miracle as it grows.