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Sara Jane ~ Voice for Our Friends in the Mythical Realm

sara_janeHello and welcome to a little information about me and my journey. Oh and please call me Sara, everyone does.

I come from a very varied background of retail, public house and office management as well as working in insurance.

So why me? That is sometimes what I find myself asking and answering why not me. We are all special; no one person is more special than another; it doesn’t matter if you are a cleaner or a famous actor, we still all have to eat, breath, sleep etc.

When I was 38 I sustained a broken jaw which resulted in 6 months of pain and sleepless nights; looking back this was one of the best things that ever happened to me as it was the start of this part of my life’s journey.

Once I had moved to Bournemouth and settled in, I started to look for something for me, that was when I found Reiki and was told with Reiki l the first person you “treat” is yourself. Now the changes really began.

Over the next few years I progressed through the levels of Reiki and am now a Master Practitioner and Teacher; I have also studied other therapies and practices and in 2004 resigned from fulltime employment to go self employed as a therapist.

I have done lots of work on myself and I think one of the most important things I have learned is that as much as other people may offer advice and suggestions, the only person who can truly help you is you; no one else can sort your problems or release old unresolved issues for you, not if you truly wish to progress with your life.

I enjoy attending courses and workshops that are of interest to me and that help my growth. I know that with these, the Reiki and Metamorphic Technique I have managed to let go of many old issues which have enabled me to open up to Our Friends in the Magical Realm and be aware of their guidance.

I have learnt to be able to say and believe “I am Special ~ I love me”, there is no conceit because I know I am no more special than you. Yes you the person who is reading this right now.

I have taken control of my life; I have done things for me and in the process I feel very blessed that this has enabled me to bring guidance and support to many people that I have met at events or who have been clients, helping them to heal themselves.

I do not consider myself a healer, after all, the only person who can heal you is you. Think about it, if you cut yourself who heals it? Your body. If you break a bone, who heals it? Your body. All I offer is a tool to your body to help empower your own self healing; yes with a little support it is amazing what we can do for ourselves.

So this is me a normal human being who lives, breaths, sleeps, walks, talks, eats just as everyone else does and I hope the work I do and guidance I bring helps you to realise or at least helps you to start to realise your full potential.

Some of the experiences I have had with Our Magical Friends

     I have had a number of experiences with several of Our Magical Friends; the following is just a couple of examples.

On one particular occasion the Gremlins stopped me from being able to print off 60 leaflets. It didn’t matter what I did or what the print preview showed me, they just wouldn’t print properly. About an hour after I gave up, I realised that I needed to make a number of changes to them, once I had made the changes the printer worked just fine.

I’m not sure who to thank for this one, maybe it was also the Gremlins but whomever Thank You. I can’t say at what stage in the process this happened but one day I was working at the computer printing things off when suddenly for no reason the printer printed a page of colours and then a second one. I don’t know how it happened but once I saw them I knew I had to keep them and that they would be used for something to do with Our Friends. When the Oracle Cards and Book are printed you will see these pages as they are being used as the covers for the box and book.

There is also one very memorable incident with the Werewolf.

I support a special needs adult who likes to go to the cinema once a month. This particular time they chose to go and see “Man Wolf”, not really my thing as I don’t like violence, blood, guts and gore.  I was sitting with my eyes closed and decided to call on the Werewolf for support!!!!!!!!

It was amazing, the sense of calm and peace that descended upon me and surrounded me. I was aware of the Werewolf’s presence in the form of 3 wolves I had had the pleasure and honour of meeting personally while they were alive. Kodiak, Kenai and Alba from the UK Wolf Conservation Trust at Beenham near Reading; I was a member for over 10 years and spent 1 year as a trainee handler.

I just sat enjoying the feelings and knowledge of the wolves with me, knowing that there was also a message; this was given to me the following day and is included in the Book.

Love, Peace & Light to you all



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