Mini Messages

To give you a little taster here is a mini message from each of Our Friends that are represented here.

Angel ~ When was the last time you spoke to your Guardian Angel? Your Guardian Angel is your friend and your protector, spend time with them, give them your fears and share your joy

Anubis ~ All endings are actually New Beginnings

Basilisk ~ “Looks can kill”, only if you let them. If this is how someone makes you feel, picture them in a clowns outfit

Centaur ~ The heart and the ego; which is winning in your life? Allow a better balance

Cerberus ~ “Music soothes the savage beast.” Next time you are feeling angry put on some quiet, relaxing music and allow it to calm you

Chameleon ~ Stop hiding. You have far too much to offer; step into the open, allow yourself to be

Chimera ~ You are juggling too much – stop, step back, prioritize, finish one thing at a time

Deva ~ Namaste: I honour the place in you that honours the true you

Dragon ~ I am your Guardian Dragon and you are my treasure; I am here to protect you

Elle Folk ~ Allow more music into your life; relax to it, dance to it, work to it. Enjoy!!

Elves ~ Who are you hiding from? Could it be that you are hiding from yourself? It is time to be honest with yourself

Encantato ~ Are you just going with the flow? Are you Happy? If not change rivers

Fairies ~ Let go of the limitations you put on yourself and your abilities

Fire Bird ~ Flames are warm and in the depths of winter they are life giving and preserving

Gaia ~ see Gaia’s page

Gnomes – The Guardians of Earth ~ When was the last time you made a mud pie or walked barefoot in the grass? Plant a seed, nurture it and watch the miracle as it grows.

Grandmother Turtle ~ Let go of the weight of other people’s problems, it is time to clear your own

Greenman ~ Spend time in the green open spaces that surround you and help to protect them

Gremlin ~ When you do not listen to your intuition, which is our guidance; we have to find other ways to get your attention – We are very creative!

Griffin ~ Mixed emotions; allow yourself space and time to think, to sort through them and understand they why’s and wherefore’s

Hippocamp ~ Have you ever sat and just watched waves crashing on the shore? Try it, feel the energy

Hydra ~ Have you got a problem you are struggling to resolve? Share it, seek help – two heads are better than one

Itzpapalotl ~ Close your eyes and spread your wings. In your dreams allow yourself to explore and then do it for real

Itztlacoliuhqui ~ Take a break, allow yourself to rest, to re-charge your batteries

Kokopelli ~ Life is for living, for enjoying – organize a get-together with friends and or family

Leprechaun ~ Spend some time in nature, in woods, by a river, by the sea or on a mountain. Breathe in the fresh air

Lyre Bird ~ “The grass is always greener on the other side”, only because it is tended and cared for. Tend and care for your own life and it will be greener still

Manticore ~ If you are having an identity crisis STOP. Go inside, which You makes you feel happiest? That is the real you

Mermaid ~ Is there something you would like to try or to do? There is no time like the present – Dive right on in

Moon Bird ~ Mood swings – do you get many of them? Look into what causes them and into ways of bringing yourself out of “down times”

Morgan Le Faye ~ True beauty lies in your heart and shines through your eyes. Open your eyes to the beauty that is within each person

Nymphs ~ When was the last time you let yourself play like a child? It’s time to let your hair down

Pan ~ What do you really like to do? Free yourself, follow your heart

Pan-Gu ~ All new ideas have birthing pains – Look past the difficulties

Pegasus ~ Spread your wings and head for the stars

Phoenix ~ Let go of what isn’t working for you. Take what you have learnt and allow something new into your life

Piskie ~ Where has your sense of humour and fun gone? Find it and bring the laughter back into your life

Quetzalcoatl ~ Brighten your life by wearing something colourful every day

Salamander – The Guardians of Fire ~ When was the last time you sat quietly watching the flames in a fire, noticing the changing colours and feeling the warmth? Although fire can destroy it also brings life and helps maintain the cycle of life.

Serpent ~ Time to let go, to shed the old and open to the new things and people waiting to come into your life

Serpent of Eden ~ Allow yourself to learn something new every day; even if it is only the spelling or meaning of a new word

Sphinx ~ Let yourself explore. Explore yourself, your feelings, your desires; listen to your true thoughts and ideas

Sun Birds ~ Let more sunshine into your life, spend a little time each day in the open

Sylphs – The Guardians of Air ~ When was the last time you went out into the fresh air and just breathed; long slow breaths filling your lungs and helping clear your thoughts? When did you last feel the wind in your hair or hear it blowing through the leaves in the trees? Did you really let yourself feel it and hear it?

Tezcatlipoca ~ Look into the mirror, into your eyes, through the windows to your soul – let yourself know you

Thunder Bird ~ Next time there is a thunderstorm allow yourself to watch it, feel its power, be aware of the freshness it leaves behind

Titans ~ Trust and believe in yourself, in your intuition and your heart. Listen to your heart

Troll ~ Simplify your life; get rid of all the clutter. Put away what should be kept and give away, sell or throw away everything else

Undines – The Guardians of Water ~ When was the last time you felt the rain on your face or went for a paddle in the sea, a river or a lake? Water brings life; it is the life blood of your planet.

Unicorn ~ Miracles can happen; they do happen every day, if only you would let yourself see them

Vampire ~ The only thing you have to fear is fear itself

Vila ~ Nature offers many natural remedies; open your hearts and your minds to her gifts.

Werewolf ~ You are all gentle and strong, like a mother with her child

White Buffalo Calf Woman ~ PEACE – Do you ever just allow yourself to enjoy peace and quiet? Try it

White Hart ~ You are Special and unique; trust and believe in yourself

Will O’The Wisp ~ The more you share, the more you care, the more love there is in the world

Yeti ~ When was the last time you spent any time on your own, sorting the muddle that is your thoughts? Especially those about yourself!

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