Gaia’s Page

The Natural Beauty of Everyday Events we take for granted and so often fail to see.

I was lying in bed this morning (Sunday 29th August 2010) thinking about Gaia’s Page and the fact that I would sit today and see what message She has for us all, when the words of a 1970’s song came to mind.

Gaia’s Message

“Stop, Look, Listen to your heart hear what it’s saying”

I am asking you, all of you, to do just that.

STOP ~ be still, allow yourself to become aware of your surroundings, especially all the little things.

LOOK ~ truly open your eyes and allow yourself to see. Notice that cobweb in all its intricacy; watch the clouds, seeing the different shapes and shadings of white to dark grey; see all the different shades of green of the leaves on the trees, plants and grasses.

LISTEN ~ to the breath of the Mother, the wind as it blows through the trees or sailing boat rigging.

FEEL ~ the breeze, the sun and the rain as it kisses your cheeks and know that I love you all equally. This is how I show my love to you; please spend time with me in the open allowing me to express my love for you.

Your Loving Mother


Gaia has guided us to put this page together of simple, honest photos that we have taken, to help re-awaken your own awareness of Mother Nature and the wonderful world that surrounds you.

Please share your photos of nature and wildlife as you have seen it; what has captured your eye; on Our Magical Friends facebook page.

Please help us to re-awaken in all Earths Children their love for her.

Thank You

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